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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Santa?? Is that you???

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Fall has officially arrived here. And what that means (along with beautiful foliage and skies that are so blue that they look fake and crisp fall weather) is that all of the humidity is knocked out of the air. You can actually *feel* your skin tightening throughout the day. Not a good feeling. Not good at all....

So yesterday, I noticed that I was woefully low on my favorite, favorite lotion. (Body creme, actually...) And that's bad. That means that I was going to have to make a trip to the mall. (Aacckk phtbbttt.....)

You see, I am not a "girly girl." I don't spend a lot of time on makeup or futzing with my hair and it took some time (and a bit of age) before I was ready to admit to myself that I really needed a good moisturizer (or any kind of moisturizer). I simply wasn't interested in adding another "step" to my routine.

I have since discovered that I actually need a couple.... and I know where I can get them! It's just that I really do not like to go to the MALL -- blech. Even though that's where my favorites reside.

A little history: I am lucky in that I have one of those girlfriends that knows everything that-there-is-to-know about excellent skin care products. She has a revolving stable of favorites that she is constantly adding to. And because she knows that I will NEVER do the research (or the shopping), myself -- she periodically sends me stuff that the thinks I would like. Niiiice.

She was also the person that took me to Bath and Body Works for the first time.... And they had the bestest, nicest smelling lotions, sprays, soaps and gels around...

I'll admit it. I LOVED it! Or at least, I loved what I found there. Fresh clean scents that were not too overpowering and that came in an array of products (in matching containers....) Heaven.... Products that would make your skin smooth and moisturized and make you smell good. Whoohoo!

Now, over the past 5 years, Bath and Body Works has continually discontinued my favorite products, much to my dismay. But there is *still* one scent left that I truly enjoy -- Juniper Breeze.

(Now, of course, they will probably discontinue that one too -- HELLO... Bath and Body Works: I DO NOT want to smell like a fruit salad or marinade. I will not buy something named or smelling like coconut lime verbena..... Quit taking my scents away!!!! Mmmmkay?)
Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand. We went to the Mall yesterday so I could pick up some more of my lovely lotion. (Ahem, I mean body creme...) And when we walked into the store it was CHRISTMAS!!!

Now, I'm not talking a little bit of Christmas waiting in the wings here, people. I am talking full fleged decorations, cinnamon scented candles, twinkle lights, evergreens, gift packs, ornaments, and music!!! Holy crap! Are they kidding??? We are 11 days away from Halloween for cryin' out loud! I do not need to start thinking about Christmas before I have even carved a frickin' pumpkin! That's all I'm saying..........

And this is a loooong post to just get to the question -- what is up with that??? Did I miss the memo where we have to start all things Christmas by mid October?? Good grief....