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Monday, October 17, 2005

Quiz Fun

Well, because it's Monday and I have a TON of catching up to do after a very busy weekend (our trip to the pumpkin patch was AWESOME) some fun quizzes will have to pretend to be "blog content" for right now....

You Are A....Witch!



What's Your Halloween Costume? .:with pics:.
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Hmmmm 'kay. But I am *not* wearing that outfit. I don't care what they say......
fly dude
You are followed by the Demon of Confusion. This
demon will make you confused about what you
want to do next. You can be quiet often and a
little on the dark side, but not depressed. You
can sometimes make poor decisions because the
Demon won't let you find which one is right,
but you remain calm which is good in many
situations. This is probably the hardest Demon
to get rid of. Hopefully you will grow out of
it or you can try accepting more things they
way they are.

What Demon Follows you? ..:Interesting Pics:..
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