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Friday, October 21, 2005

Frightening stuff

As I clicked around the blogosphere this morning I noticed that there is a lot of scary stuff happening out there!

First, That 1 Guy at Drunken Wisdom described a trip down into his cellar/ basement to retrieve storm windows. Yikes! He can cope okay with spiders, but I feel pretty certain that you could hold a gun to my head and I wouldn't be making that trip -- I *hate* spiders. ::shudder::

Then Eric of Straight White Guy fame has an interesting tale (ummm okay, fetish description) where stinky = sexy. Ohhhkaaay. Scary to think about -- but to each their own.... (and once again I am thankful not to be French).

And then Bou at Boudicca's Voice has put together a map (actually 2) of Florida bloggers getting ready to deal with that b*tch Wilma. Yikes! Gonna be thinking about those folks all weekend.

So I think I am going to cross my fingers for the Florida folks and go bake some cookies or something -- I need good smells and happy imagery now....