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Friday, September 02, 2005

Once Again

Varifrank says it waaaay better than I ever could.

Stop looking for someone to blame and start looking for a way to help, were full up on critics at the moment we could use a few more “backs” in the process of getting these people out.

This is not anyone’s fault; this is simply beyond comprehension. We might have talked about it in academic exercises, but no one in the United States has ever seen anything like this. It doesn’t help anyone get out of there to waste your time on that fruitless exercise of trying to blame anyone for this.

We have no time to waste on such fecklessness. People are dying and more are going to die soon if we don’t get those people out of there quickly.

I have been up to my eyeballs listening to all of the finger pointing and blame going around while there are still people to be rescued and bodies to recover. Our first responsibility, IMO is to get our shit together and get people safe and the situation rectified before we start trying to nit-pick every little detail concerning the process. Frank, like I said, says it way better than me though. And I recommend you read the whole thing.