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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Awww Crap....

I had mentioned during my anniversary post that we have undergone a few career changes over the course of 11 years. Like everyone, (I imagine) some of those changes were voluntary and some were not.

Today we found out that we will be making yet another involuntary career change. And I have one thing to say about that.


We were only 8 months into this gig after 10 years at another company and their decision to let hubby go came out of the blue -- but it wasn't really a surprise, I guess. He had been unhappy for a while. And he had been butting heads with higher ups trying to change the way they operated (change is what they *said* they wanted)! Many of the promises made (that made us think that the change would be a good one) never came to pass. So, I believe that this change was meant to be. (I will admit that I had hoped that things would work out, though...) And it sucks that it happened TODAY.

So anyway, any ideas or opportunities for someone with a B.S. degree (meteorology) with 11+ years of management and sales experience -- let me know. I may lose my homemaker status sooner than I thought too. ;) This sucks -- but you have to have your game face on.

Everything will be okay -- it's just that my happy post about the joys of home-made macaroni and cheese will have to wait. I'm gonna go have a glass of wine now.....

(Oh! And ironically someone emailed me this cartoon today -- appropriate, huh??)