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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Happy Memories

Tammi of Tammi's World had a terrific blog topic today.

OK - Here goes: Go back to the happiest time in your memory. What color do you see? Me? I see green.

My favorite memories all include the color green. The green of the grass, the green of the leaves. I have always loved being outside (when it's not snowing) and I think that's one reason why I have such an affection for the color green....

For me colors don't really work -- I tried! Honest! Smells do though.... I remember the smells of places and things when I tap into happy memories.

Whenever I think of all of the good times at my Nonny and Grandpa's house it's all about the smell of cinnamon rolls and good pipe tobacco. The smell of horse barns and tack rooms and chocolate icing (made with coffee) too.

Chlorine is a really happy smell for me. It reminds me of feeling strong and confident and reinforces my belief that hard work can solve/change things. I loved being a competitor. I loved being a member of a team and experiencing the thrill of being solely responsible for my own performance at the same time. (And now I don't have the green hair that I did then -- an added bonus. )

The piney fresh smell of the mountain air mixed with a little bit of campfire and damp earth -- oh, that just reminds me of feeling free, unfettered. When I remember those great times in the Beartooths and Big Horns -- sparkling clear days and pleasantly chilled nights. Good books and fishing and running a little wild. Mmmmmm. Mountains. I love going to the mountains (then and now).

And lastly, the memory of being home. It's not exactly a memory of a specific place or a time, but some of my best memories are associated with the feeling of being truly and completely home -- and it smells like line dried sheets. Sheets soaked in sunshine, crisp and soft. Home.

So what do you associate with your happiest memories? Colors? Scents? Something else? I'm curious! (And thanks Tammi -- what a nice way to spend time on a Saturday!)