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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Ad's Been Purchased -- We're Committed!

.....or is it we *should* be committed???

I am getting the distinct feeling that this little idea of ours is going to get put into the "WTF were we thinking?!?" file when all is said and done. But as I mentioned above there is no turning back now...

Turning back from where, you ask?

Well, you know how it is. You go out to the garage to fetch a tool or hose or something and catch yourself looking around at all of the extra stuff that you don't need and think "Wow, we should have a garage sale!"

Ditto the basement, storage shed, closet, kids room, etc... Pretty soon your whole house is whispering to you -- "Look at all of the extra stuff in here that you don't need!"

Eventually you share this idea with your spouse. And then he/she starts to notice all of the extra stuff you have and will even point out the boxes that you never opened after moving here. Two years ago!! Look -- more stuff that we surely don't need! And why do we have that for the love of Mike?

Well, we've done it. Or at least we are going to. The ad has been placed, stickers marked, neighbors informed,
"Great! is it okay if we bring some stuff over too?"
You betcha. Garage sale central is where I'll be come Saturday. Surrounded by a bunch of stuff that we have for no good reason at all. Hopefully I will be making someone *happy* to take some of this crap off my hands. Or I may be wondering why we didn't just load everything up and take it to GoodWill -- which is where everything left over will be going come Monday anyway. Either way. Wish me luck!