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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Powell, Wyoming

....flashback central

So is it just me or does everyone suffer from flashbacks returning to their hometowns?? I swear, as soon as I roll in I feel like I am 17 again and past my curfew. The town itself remains remarkably unchanged with the exception of the addition of several new churches and car washes. Apparently it is now infinitely more important to keep your soul and vehicle clean than it was when I lived here. I have yet to see a combination carwash/church -- though I am sure one is coming.

As I read the newspaper yesterday a large ad described the new event at the county fair -- Rooster Ropin'. I shit you not... Naturally, they plan to have the event set up in the beer garden. *sigh* Poor efffin' roosters. So on July 26th if you are lucky enough to be attending the Park County Fair, you too can rope some roosters (and drink beer). As the ad description goes:
"Rooster Roping is an up and coming sport based on team roping. It is intended to be fun and competitive."
As opposed to being stupid and cruel, I guess. And how in the F#@! do you "team rope" a rooster?? Without quartering the damn thing or breaking its neck? Good God. At least there will be beer though....

Update: Just for the hell of it I googled Rooster Roping to see what came up. You can read more here and here they have pictures! I'm going to go have a beer now............