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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Uncle Ben 4/26

We are still waiting on a course of treatment to be decided uopn. I *hate* the waiting. It will be 3 weeks on Thursday that we discovered that there was even a problem so I know that I am being impatient -- but I don't care. I want to start kicking this stuff's ass now.

What we know now is that it is Stage 4 renal carcinoma. Bad, bad, bad stuff. It has metastized and is causing considerable pain. Fortunately, the pain at this point is being managed fairly well with medication. I hope that continues to be the truth.

I am not so secretly hoping that he decides to seek teatment in Rochester, MN. That would allow me to lend practical support since I do not live all that far away. Today I mentally planned out how I could furnish an apartment for him (if it is possible for him to live *away* from the hospital while getting treated -- or for family members to stay nearby, for that matter) out of all of the extras I am storing around here.

It looks as though my Mother is going to assume the responsibility for his primary care. She is excellent at this sort of thing but I know that it will take a heavy toll on her. I am hoping that I will be able to lend more than moral support -- but with my girls being too young for me to just pick up and *go* I have to hope that treatment proximity will be in my favor. If that is the case I would as least be able to relieve her on the weekends and she could get some rest. Even if only intermittently. I worry for her though since she was the one who cared for *her* parents as they died from various forms of cancer -- she knows what is coming if we are to fear the worst.

I hate this disease and what it does to families -- but I must admit, I am proud of the way my family has come together. I even forgave my father for the fight he picked with me the other night (he doesn't react well to scary/painful situations beyond his control) and all of the mean things he said. But that is a post for another day. Maybe.

I would ask that prayerful people would send a little prayer. And even if non-prayerful people could send some good thoughts -- every little bit helps.