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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bits of Wednesday

Company cancelled! Our friends from TN won't make it up here this weekend. I am sorry that we won't get to see them but not unhappy about the fact that I won't have to work as hard now. I can use the break.

Latest news concerning Uncle Ben is that it is cancer. A lot of cancer. He meets with the oncologist on Thursday to formulate a plan. I anticipate hospitalization and surgery early next week. Today I sent him a "going to the hospital" care package. My parents are traveling to be with him and I hope to have some sort of definitive plan in place soon that I can help with.

Car is in the shop today -- the electrical system had a seizure of some sort. *Sigh* So I am waiting for the call to tell me how much it will be to fix it. Hubby informed me this morning (5:30!!!) that he is tired of putting $$ into the van and if it is going to be a lot to get it fixed maybe we should trade it in on some sort of car. Then I would drive the new Uplander we got (since with the new company -- no company car) and we could get him some kind of mid-sized car to drive. Something to think about anyway.

Well, housework and laundry call. Something neat I read yesterday -- the navy has "attack dolphins." How cool is that?!?! Matthew Heidt of Froggy Ruminations had the link and an excellent post concerning the protection of our ships in port.

Update The car got fixed for $83 -- just a blown fuse. Yay!