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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And so it begins...

The great household purge of 2009!!

Because seriously - we not only have too much shit, we have shit that I don't even know we have. Or where it is, or why we have it. And either we need to get rid of this stuff - or at least have it handy and organized so we can use it.

This is a LOT of stuff - believe me.

So yesterday I began this quest with the storage room in the basement - I still have a little more to do down there but it is far and away better than it was - and now reorganized, I have the space to put things that may need a new home once discovered in the closets upstairs!! Whoo!!

Though I cannot for the life of me get a quote from Apocalypse Now out of my head...

Napalm might be easier, to be honest.

So, if I go missing - toss me a lifeline... Pick a closet, any closet will do...