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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sometimes I don't even want to know....

So yesterday evening I was chillin' on the patio, killing time before the Palin speech* when I heard WxMan calling my name.

Finally I looked up just to see this....

He was completing a project that he started while I was freeking GONE last weekend... Up on the roof of our two story house.
"No biggie, Babe..." he said. "I gave Computa the phone and told her to call 911 if I fell off...... "
Gah... So up he goes again yesterday to complete the job. Wanna guess what he was doing?? Hmmm??? Just for the hell of it??

I will put the answer in comments later...

**LOVED Sarah Palin last night. I think she rocks and I cannot wait for the debates... Yay!