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Monday, July 30, 2007

Meeting new neighbors, wondering why we have all of this stupid crap, and a partridge in a pear tree...

Okay, so we don't have a pear tree. But we do have a Redbud Tree - so that counts right?

Moving is kicking my ass... I HATE living in chaos... HATE IT. Hate it BAD. And that's really all moving is, it seems. Barely controlled chaos. At best. But there are some fun moments too... (Struggling to remember one - I'll just leave a space here if something comes to me...)

And eating out. A LOT of eating out. So there's that... And things *are* coming along.

I am amazed at how many holes I have needed to drill into these *new* walls. we're talking many many holes... Having this-->
has made my life soooooooo much easier!! I had no idea! And it was one of the first things we brought over (thank God). And also - Thanks Pop! You said that I would love it and need it. Boy, were you right! Drill bits - no such thing as too many...

We have been meeting some other folks in the neighborhood - most seem very nice. Sporta got invited across the street yesterday to come and play with *all* of the neighborhood kids on a tire swing the dad just hung. Heaven that... And I am determined to not let Bitchy Lawn Envy Lady get under my skin. (Yes, that is her real name.) And her little yappy dog can kiss my ass too...

And in that light, I have either completely endeared myself to the new neighbors to the North or completely alienated them. Remains to be seen... They are a very happy (and large) Indian Clan - as Christina would say, Dot not Feather. And the dude - Raj - was struggling to install his mailbox. So since I have a great cordless drill, plenty of bits, and a plethora of decking screws I offered to help him out. His dad (I assume) just stood by and smiled and bowed a lot. Raj seemed happy too and his mailbox is good to go.
"I must soon visit a hardaware store and purchase one of those tools!" He said. "They seem quite handy!"
Lord know how many social and cultural mores I have destroyed... But hey - I was only trying to help.

At the request of a few of you for pictures - here are a couple. I call them "What moving looks like..."

As for WxMan - he continues to be very happy with his grass.

Heh. There is much discussion about the whens and whys of mowing of late. God love him...

And I finally installed the vertical blinds - so the "easy-bake-oven" quotient has been greatly diminished. That's good...

As for me, as long as there is wine I will be fine. Hey look! I can still rhyme! I must not be totally nuts... Or maybe that is the first sign... Wine fine rhyme sign. Works for me!



(Dont'cha just wish you were here?? Yeah - me too...)