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Thursday, July 27, 2006

You know, for someone who doesn't think of herself as having much going on.....

....I sure seem to have a hell of a lot of stuff to do!

I mean really. I work part time, my kids are no longer toddlers requiring constant supervision (like some moms I know...), and I am getting my ass handed to me this week! Run, run, run - and never catching up!

Now granted - I did accidentally volunteer to help out with the church newsletter. [What they heard: "Hi! I'd like to take over the production of the newsletter, please. Oh, and could I do that and have a deadline in 10 days? That would be great!!!"]

Holy crap! Literally!

Naturally they are also wanting to do a complete overhaul and change the format a bunch, so I have really been flying by the seat of my pants. And compiling documents, writing articles, and taking meetings with everyone from the Preist, Senior Warden, church secretary, and Bob the gardener guy. And of course, everyone has suggestions to help..... (Just for the record - I'm Episcopalian. So at least I am not going to have to interview a passle of nuns too....)

Don't get me wrong, these are very nice people. People that pray! Pray a LOT even! And they are sooooooooo happy that I volunteered tripped and fell into doing this. Happy, happy, happy. With some happy sauce on the side. Happy.

'Course, this means that my usual workload and certainly blogging have had to take a back seat. Ugh. I can deal with the dishes in the sink - but don't take away my blog time!! Not nice!

So for at least one more afternoon (probably two) I am going to be running like my hair is on fire. I had two more meetings scheduled for today and I am in desperate need of a tour of duty in the laundry room - my laundry fairy *still* has yet to arrive!! Dammit!

Later ( because I am not cruel like Eric ), I am going to go water my flowers and my yard. Poor flowies are very droopy today.

Then it will be newsletter, newsletter, newsletter until the @$!# thing is finished. (Provided I am done getting handed material.... "Could you please just fit one more little blurb in?? Thanks!")

How much longer 'till Saturday Sunday?