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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Alternate title: "How to drive from damn near Canada to damn near Mexico and back in 11 days and survive..."

We started out heading for OKC. WxMan's grandmother turned 90 - and there is no not celebrating that! GG looks absolutely fabulous, and thoroughly enjoyed her party and seeing all of her children, grand children and great grand children all together for the first time in ages!

I can only hope to be as with it and spry at 70 - let alone 90!!

The next day WxMan was off to golf - so I met up with a dear lady who I have been meaning to get together with for YEARS! Rave was all that and a bag of chips - clapping even! ;) And she picked the best place to meet up.

Pops on Route 66 - holy crap that was a LOT of soda. Some of it pretty dang interesting... The kids DEFINITELY had fun trying things that I would never drink in a million years...

The food was great, the atmosphere bubbly, and it was great to see Rave and meet her sons - both charming.

The next day it was time to hit the road again... GG insisted on cooking us breakfast before we left town...

For the record, she prepared a family favorite - Wormy Pancakes. (Translation: Homemade funnel cakes with plenty of butter and syrup. Mmmmmm....)

That's WxMan's dad seeing if his is ready supervising. ;)

GG - once again - was in her element! But soon it was time to go and we spent the day making our way to Phoenix.

Fifteen plus hours later we rolled into my brother's driveway and staggered inside.

But getting to spend the next day chilling by the pool made it all worth while... This is my cutimous nephew. :)
And the "pool within the pool" was a big ball of fun... Note my girls are in tee shirts - we are translucent after all...

Anyhoo - after a day of R&R it was time to head to Tucson for WxMan's family reunion. His mom was hosting the event and it all went off without a hitch! (Note to self - family reunions and casinos work well together. Go figure!)

So, here are the girls at a Mission - damn near Mexico :)

And here they are chillin' in their grandparents backyard - pretty cool, eh?

I am pretty sure they didn't mind seeing WxMan and I hit the road home that evening without them. Heck, my hiney still hasn't recovered from the trip! And they had more fun coming. Next stop Slide Rock and the Grand Canyon! Woot!

As for me, I have company arriving today and tomorrow so we can ring in the Fourth of July!! Ready for some things to go BOOM? I sure am....