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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is honesty the best policy??

Or should the mantra be "Never give a Sucker an Even Break..."??

Made a quick run to the local grocery store - Piggly Wiggly - heh.

I needed to get some yummy lunch stuff and fresh fruit. On our way through the check out I was chatting with the gal, hearing all about all how she dropped her daughter at college, blah blah blah...

As WxMan and I walked through the parking lot, I realized that I had not mentioned to the checker gal that I left the two watermelons I had picked out *in* the cart. Checkers usually assure me, when I mention things like that, that they have it covered. "Already rang it up, Ma'am." No worries.

So I had the opportunity to take a quick look at my receipt and sure enough - no watermelons on there. So I asked WxMan to please go back in and rectify the error while I loaded the groceries into the car... With no argument, off he went. As he returned though, he was smiling. "They were surprised!" he said. "That doesn't happen very often, I guess..."

Maybe I am a sucker. But it seems like honesty is the best policy - and I am in dire need of some good karma these days...

What would YOU have done?? Am I just too much of a goody goody??