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Friday, March 28, 2008

Belize Day 4 - R & R is a good thing!

After Lamanai, it was time to rest.

We were all ready for a day to just chill by the pool, walk the beach, read, and rest.

Our condos had full kitchens so on Wednesday morning, I made breakfast burritos while WxMan and the girls slept in. Oddybobo and her family was in the condo right next door and The Boy would make it over to our place daily to hang with the girls and watch cartoons while the morning got rolling along.

It. Was. Fabulous.

The pool was calling, so I got the kids all suited up and covered with sunscreen and off we went.

Sweet One decided to go all literary...

Somebody with great gams used her down time to knit - imagine that...

Otherwise we all just enjoyed the sunshine and the view.

Oddy's hubby and The Boy were having a great time!

WxMan was a very happy camper!

As were Yabu and Dash.
The guys grins may have been due to the ministrations of the bartender. She had.... uh.... attributes.

Later that evening we all got together and cooked a fantastic meal with the fresh snapper that Yabu procured. I fried all kinds of stuff, Christina smothered her portion with all kinds of peppers and onions, Oddy's hubby made an awesome citrus chutney - it was all DELISH!

Later that night after a few drinks and our wonderful dinner, WxMan decided to show off his mad flipping skillz by treating us all to a back flip off the pier. Good grief - I will admit, I had visions of shark bait...

But as you can see, he made it out alive. That's good, because I wasn't going in after him... Nuh uh - I saw *that* movie too. ::shudder::

Anyhoo, there were more open ocean adventures in Belize Day 5! I'll be posting it just as soon as Wal-Mart gets my film developed from the waterproof camera. Whoohoo!