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Monday, November 12, 2007

Supporting the troops...

Is something I *always* try to do. I made my phone calls yesterday to say Happy Veterans' Day to a few vets I am lucky to know. It's not a difficult thing to do. And one friend of mine mentioned that he appreciates the call a lot - every year. That's good, because I appreciate his service! And it's always good to know that we *will* catch up and see how things are, if only once a year.

Today over at Blonde Sagacity I discovered this guy - Sgt. Freedom. Holy cow - talk about troop support!! (May not be work safe - he used a bit of language. Rightfully so, but your boss might not appreciate it. Just sayin'....)

Concerning Protesters

I have been working my way through this guy's video campaign. So far I have really enjoyed:
Everybody Blames Bush rant
musings on the Hollywood Left
God Flags and Freedom
His rant on the UK Terrorist Attack
Gun Control

My favorite so far - Hammer Hits the Nail

There's a lot of good stuff.

Yesterday was Veterans' Day - today Veterans' Day is "observed." Whatever. I never understood how giving federal employees the day off honored our veterans in any way. Now if we gave every VETERAN a day off?? That might work...

When it comes to honoring our service men and women, I think every day should be "veterans day" - but that's just me.