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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Painting painting painting...

But not by me! : ) I am in the glorious position of just telling them where and what color. I am giddy! Giddy!! I tell you!

'Course I might just be a little loopedteeloo from the fumes. So there's that.

So for lack of anything intelligent to post, here are some pictures - now in COLOR! Whoohoo!

I think the "oriental red" and "blonde" complement each other quite nicely - it's hard to capture in a picture though. And keep in mind that the flash makes the colors brighter (Meaning more red and yellow) than they are in real life...

Nothing like putting holes in a new wall to make you feel like you're making progress...

This is what the "clary sage" looks like in the front library room. It has a bit of a bluish tinge to it, but I love the restful nature of the color.

The "Library Room" is the first room you see as you walk into the house. Restful and Relaxed is a good first impression, I think.

And this is the Master Bedroom - currently in progress. The green is the *exact* same green as the front room - interesting how different lighting makes for a different looking color. I love it!

And I will love it even more when it dries and I can move all of the furniture back into place. It's the guest room for me tonight, Baby!

And as I promised, here is the neon that WxMan picked out that we compromised on...

True dat... Bar's open!