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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Mania!!

alternate title: Do I get my official stalker card now??

You see, ever since they tore up our (former) street, we have been receiving our mail in this weird little communal unit. And might I stress the word little??

So I know from experience that HP 7 will not fit there. Arrrgh! And I had visions of getting the mail today and receiving one of those little yellow "we have something you need to pick up at the Post Office" cards. In which case I would have to wait until MONDAY.


Nuh uh. Anything else could wait until Monday. But not this... Someone would be sure to accidentally spoil it for me before then...

So on my way to the post office to check and see if they had my book (they didn't - the carrier took it with) I had seen the mail truck turning up another street. Okaaay... At least I knew where they were headed. And you *know* that I totally tracked down and accosted our very sweet former letter carrier to ensure I got my book today...

Well... maybe "accosted" is a bit strong, language wise. But I did track her down and flap my arms a bit and she then gave me the book with a big smile and shake of her head...
"I was just going to hoof it down to your house," she said. "I knew you would want this today!"
God love her.

So I will be busy this afternoon. Not with house stuff - even though I should be. But with this....

It's going to be a great day.