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Monday, February 26, 2007

Now that's how it's done!

[confession time] I watch the Oscars every year.

Generally, I don't get to see many of the movies (this year I saw one - and it wasn't even a major contender) but that doesn't matter. I'm just here for the snacks and the snark - preferably with friends.

Last night was no exception. Snacks, snark, good friends - it was a great time! And though I want to write more about the whole thing, I am still too choclafied and satisfied to do it justice. So I will just say thanks - thanks to the Academy for providing the reason to get together, and thanks to everybody (some coming from *quite* far away) for coming to play at my house.

THANK YOU ~ (in order of appearance)

Steph - who makes the trip *every* year from St. Louis.
Teresa - it was such great fun to hang out! You were rockin' the commentary...
Roses (and family) - what a source for wonderful snark you are!
TNT - who sparkled throughout the evening.
Akshun and Mrs. J - you guys are always such a pleasure (and *you* see more of the movies and can clue us all in!)
Harvey - a Bad Example that is always a pleasure to see. Scotch and chocolate - perfect.

So thanks guys, I had a blast!

And post blizzard, school was scheduled to be out today. Whoohoo! So we are off to play. Perfect way to complete a perfect weekend...

And I still have scotch and chocolate. ;-)