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Monday, October 30, 2006

Thirteen things that annoy the *crap* outta me....

Blatantly stolen from my friend Roses who called tonight to:

a) make sure that I had survived the trip home.

b) see if I was going to start blogging again anytime soon.

c) ...oh who cares. It was just good to talk to her.


Anyhoo, this seems just like the thing to post on Halloween Eve.

13 Things that Annoy the Crap Outta Me:

1. Big trucks on the interstate that think that they can just plow through everybody and pass you in the right hand lane - then slow down - with four lanes of traffic going. (I am talking to *you* purple cab SYSCO guy!)

2. Pulling up to the hotel you had planned to stay at (after 10 hours on the road) and seeing a no vacancy sign. (The good news was that there was an equally nice place to stay 5 minutes down the road. Thank God.)

3. Heading out for an afternoon of shooting and discovering that the winds are gusting up to 50 MPH and that it is cold as hell. (But really, we had a great time and the action was well worth the conditions. It was farookin' cold though...)

4. An impromptu snow storm with high gusty (50 to 70 mph winds) between Rapid City, SD and Gillette, WY. Ugh.

5. Spiders. Always and everywhere. Especially those that bite me. Little bastards....

6. Running out of wine.

7. Running into old boyfriends.

8. Discovering that I did NOT pack the things that I could have totally used. The laptop, for example. Grumble, grumble, grumble...

9. Feeling like I am totally behind all of the time and not able to catch up with myself. (I am *still* there, but it is getting better now...)

10. Not seeing my husband (WxMan) for 3 1/2 weeks due to his work schedule and my travel schedule.

11. Box Elder Bugs. Good God Almighty. The farooking BoxElder Bugs in Sheridan, Wyoming. ::shudder::

(Wow. This is a lot of negativity for me.... But I feel compelled to finish...)

12. "She won't stop touching me!!!" 'Nuff said.

13. Folks that go to pass you. That can *see* that you will need to pass another vehicle as well, and soon, that can't seem to figure out that they could actually speed the hell up and make the process less painful for everyone. By just GETTING THE F*CK AROUND ME ALREADY. C'mon! It's not that hard...

Soon to come... 13 Things I Enjoyed about my Trip..

Happy Halloween, y'all!