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Friday, October 06, 2006

Company's Coming!!!

And surprise! Some of it is already here!

Looks like we can look forward to all kinds of fun here at casa de One for the Road. A good friend of mine is going to make it out for a visit early next month, and we had some surprise guests just the other day!

Wednesday as I finished my sandwich and contemplated an afternoon with no internet access, there was a knock at the door. Since very rarely does anybody but the UPS guy drop in during the day, I was curious.

Rounding through the living room I see a familiar car in the driveway but thought to myself "Naahhhhh. They live in Oklahoma! And I haven't heard a peep about any plans to come up here...."

Goes to show what I know.

On my front doorstep were WxMan's Dad and Stepmom! Whoohoo! The were headed a little further north for a couple of days, but wanted to drop in and surprise me. And take the opportunity to surprise the girls after school.

They will be back here this weekend for some fun. The weather promises to be gorgeous and there are all kinds of neat fall things to go and do. We are going to have a great time.

That same afternoon I found out that Oddybobo is headed my way! Whoohoo! Whoohoo!! Whoohoo!! We have been talking about getting together for ages and finally it's going to work out!

She and her cutimous little boy are going to be here for a great weekend visit. I am so psyched to finally get the chance to lay eyes on her - we have not yet managed to be at the same blogmeet at the same time, so I guess we are just making our own!

The little guy is excited for the plane ride and it promises to be a fun filled weekend. Just they way to end my 35th year in style...

Maybe we could even squeeze in a mini-blogmeet here at my house! Now that would be a great time for sure! (If you're in the area and interested, drop me a line! I'm thinking the afternoon of Saturday November 4th.)

Either way I know that *I* am going to get to have oodles of fun. Whoohoo! I just love it when a plan comes together... Oddybobo's coming to town....