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Friday, May 05, 2006

Word of the day....

Oh boy. You know how much I love a good word. And this one is going immediately into my vocabulary.

It has all of the qualities I enjoy in a word: feels good to say, rolls of the tongue well, the meaning is clear and clever at the same time...

Today's special word of the day comes to us again via The Neanderpundit:

splodeydope (n.) : A fucktard person that is convinced that the way to garner support for their cause or get to heaven/paradise and obey Allah is to blow themselves up while taking as many infidels (read: you and me) with them as possible. It is widely known that splodeydopes have small penises.

Example: The splodeydopes keep making the news labeled as "suicide bombers" but I like the term splodeydope better.

Or as Og so eloquently puts it:
In other news, Zack Moussfucktard is taking a long walk to a little concrete box. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I know a lot fo folks would have liked to have seen him executed, but the fact remains that if he was he'd be a martyr and his name would be a rallying cry to splodeydopes everywhere. [Emphasis mine.]

Ahhhhh yes. There we have an example of a thwarted splodeydope. I'd like to see more of them end up like that.

So there you have it, splodeydope. Word of the day. Let's get it into circulation...