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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

United 93

Hubby and I are going to meet up this afternoon and take in a movie. You know, I don't remember a) the last time just he and I went to a movie together or b) the last time we felt this compelled to see a film.

It's going to be intense and sad, I know. But it is also going to be a story of the heroism that can exist in each of us. And not only do I think we need to remember what the passengers of Flight 93 did, we also need to remind our selves of what exactly is at stake. And what we all stand to lose if we do not stand up to those who would like to kill us in the name of allah.

It's going to rain today. Somehow that seems appropriate too...

Update (2:30): The movie was everything I had come to expect it would be. Very Intense. Completely non-political. And extremely well done... I'm glad I went.