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Sunday, May 07, 2006

So what would *you* have done???

Today after services I wanted to go and get some pretty flowers. (Don't tell Mother Nature, but I think we have turned the corner with this whole Spring thing....)

The rule up here is that you really should wait until after Mother's Day, but I saw the forecast and it looks like it is going to be gorgeous this week. Rainy a couple of days, but no snow... no freezing temperatures... and I want some flowers, already!

The girls, of course were STARVING so I thought we could grab a quick sandwich and then go fenagle some foliage. We get to the sub sandwich place and it is busy. Two guys behind the counter and like 20 people waiting to be served. Crazy busy. But they are holding their own and doing a good job, so we decided to stay.

Long story short, we get our order and I have to remind the guy about the two chocolate milks I had ordered. He had a brief look of confusion, but gave me the milks and went back to serving customers. The girls and I sat to have lunch.

The look though... that confused look was bugging me. So I rummaged through our bag and found the receipt. Whoops. He had not charged me for the milks. Oh. Well that explains the confused look then...

So we finish our sandwiches and get ready to go.** I had my receipt in hand and the money (exact change) to pay for the milks. Excusing my self to the next person in line, I handed both the money and the receipt to the guy who had originally taken our order.
Me: "Hi. I'm afraid that you neglected to charge me for the milks. Here you go, Thank you...."

Guy: "No worries. You enjoy them." ::trying to give me the money back::

Me: "That's okay. You were busy and all. I want to pay for them..." ::I re-hand him the money.::

Guy: ::firmly smacking the $$ on the counter:: "No, you should not have worried about this!"

Me: "Um, okay... Thanks again. Have a nice day!"
I was surprised. The guy was a tad annoyed with me (and seemed to be the proprietor of said sub-shop). All I wanted to do was pay for what I had ordered. And I must admit, I was not expecting him to be annoyed. I mean, I have run into similar situations before ("Hey miss?? You forgot to include the appetizer we had on the bill...") and have been met with a many shocked responses. From both the people I was with and the people with whom I was doing business.

Am I so different? Isn't honesty the best policy? Or do you just chalk their mistake up to "your good fortune" or whatever, and keep your mouth shut? What would you have done?

No really... I'm curious!

(**note to self: Do not let A. get the meatball sub unless you are willing to live with the fact that she will need to use a whole tree's worth of napkins and make three trips to the washroom. Not to mention what she did to your pants. Good God.)