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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm it!

And I have been *it* for better than a week. Trouble tagged me with this meme and I just hadn't gotten around to it... Well, until now...
  • I AM a wife and mother first. That's just the way it is...
  • I WANT my girls to grow up knowing that they can do anything they set their minds to.
  • I HATE spiders. And duplicitous people.
  • I MISS my grandparents. I would have loved for them to have known my children.
  • I FEAR that I am not good enough, sometimes.
  • I HEAR the sound of the A/C - it got hot, people!
  • I WONDER about the future and what it holds. Both the good and bad.
  • I REGRET little. Everything in my life has brought me to this place and circumstance. And I am pretty happy...
  • I AM NOT a pushover. Do not let my inherent kindness and congeniality fool you. When pushed, I can push back. Hard when necessary...
  • I DANCE rarely. I look like a doofus enough of the time.
  • I SING relatively well, considering... I can carry a tune and I sound a bit like Kim Carnes.
  • I CRY not all that often but with good reason.
  • I AM NOT ALWAYS as nice as I should be.
  • I MAKE WITH MY HANDS lots of yummy deliciousness.
  • I WRITE daily. Hopefully to entertain.
  • I CONFUSE little. Generally, people's intentions/motivations are clear to me.
  • I NEED to get going to work.
  • I SHOULD do more housework.
  • I START projects that I sometimes don't finish.
  • I FINISHed this meme. Yay!

Okay, enough about me... How are you?