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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Word of the day...

Oh, I looove learning new words. And this one is a beaut! It is one of those words that feels good in your mouth and leaves just enough to the utterer's and listener's imagination that it's uses are endless!!! (And it is incredibly fun to say!)

verfuckled (adj) : An irritating, time consuming POS item, person, or situation. An object of absolute derision that needs to be systematically and satisfyingly destroyed. A multi-tasking synonym for f*cked up, f*cked over, or just f*cked.

Or as Og the Neanderpundit used it:
I'm happy to say I took the verfuckled thing and shredded it to atoms with a linoleum knife.

For Og's use of the word in its entire context, go here.

Verfuckled. Yup. That's a keeper.....