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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pointless? Endless?? (Kinda Pretty???)

Well maybe.... I am spending the day doing housework. (Actually that's been the theme of the weekend...)

Changing sheets, dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms (blech), scrubbing the kitchen floor, etc.... I even managed to re-organize the girl's room. Changed some furniture placement, did some much needed purging, re-organized dressers, the whole nine yards. They are playing outside (thank heavens!) because everytime they are inside it feels like they are working against my every effort to set the house in order. (Does that sound paranoid??)

I am currently ensconced in the basement making a dent in the laundry. (Actually, I just happened into the office with 2 baskets of folded clothes and thought I'd take a teeny break. Hey, if I'm typing I can sit down, right?)

The sad thing is that in 3 days time I am confident that you will never be able to tell that anything was done today. So is it all for naught? Maybe. I don't know... Either way. At least *I* care.

(It sure would be nice if everybody would stop working against me, though.)