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Monday, October 03, 2005


.........I don't have to have my game face on today -- and trust me, that's a good thing.

We got G.G. off to the plane yesterday and went to IKEA anyway, circumstances be damned. I do so love that store and one day I look forward to really getting my IKEA groove on. We did buy a great floor lamp ($7.99 people!) and picked up a couple of bowls that I really liked. Then we came home.

Hubby continues to be over the moon about having the opportunity to make a career change. He has ideas coming so hard and fast he is practically tripping himself with glee. I can't imagine what it would be like if he were depressed or despondent, but glee? Good thing I trust him -- otherwise I might think he was crazy.

I am trying to catch ahold of his enthusiasm, I really am. It's hard for me -- I do not like change and I do not like feeling like I have been completely screwed over. I. Just. Don't. And I hate the uncertainty most of all.

Probably the worst of it, is that these people had been to my home. It's not like we were a nameless, faceless entity to them. They knew us. I had offered them good food and drink and fellowship -- the best of my hospitality -- and they f*cked us anyway. That pisses me off. That, and the call we got from the business manager (who held the knife in place just to ensure the backstabbing went off without a hitch) with a plaintive,
"Can't we still be friends???"
Are you frickin' kidding me?!?!? No. No, we can't. And don't come anywhere near me - thanks. You and people like you make me sick. Oh, and she is getting a promotion out of this deal -- isn't that just charming?

So, I admit to having some very vindictive thoughts -- and I am trying to let them go. I really am. Because vindictiveness is not attractive or necessarily helpful, I know.

Still, there are a few folks I would like to see fall down a muddy rock strewn slope today -- I really would. I would give a little push, smile, and walk away.
Just. Like. That.
And never give it another thought.