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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Woulda.. Shoulda.. Coulda...

Today on Capitol Hill they have convened a committee to interview the former head of FEMA and begin the dissection of all that was done before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina.

Let me make a prediction. Those leading the "investigation" will decide (over and over again) that the Government and/or individuals supposedly in charge -- WERE TOO SLOW!!!!
Nothing about the response was done fast enough. And most everything was done wrong.

Also today, stories decrying the reckless spending in the wake of the disaster are beginning to surface. The overwhelming opinion seems to be that the Government and/or other individuals in charge -- ARE MOVING TOO FAST!!!! Spending too much too soon and doing most everything wrong. (Shocking analysis, I know.)

Then there are all of the other reports about how we will all be affected economically.


Look. We here in the United States have just suffered two consecutive natural disasters of EPIC proportions. Yes, it is going to take time ( years) and money (more than I can wrap my brain around) to rebuild. This will be a colossal task rebuilding homes, infrastructure, economy, and lives. This is a task, however, that we are uniquely suited to do because of the generosity and strength of the American people. This is the stuff that we do best. Everytime.

The key word here, though is rebuild. Notice how I am not talking about a need for endless mental masturbation, discussion and hand wringing over the hows and whys of reconstruction. It simply Must. Be. Done. That's it. Endless examination and discussion does little to help the process along. I do not see General Honore taking meeting after endless meeting *talking* about what might need to be done. His just do it attitude during this firestorm of bureaucratic finger pointing is refreshing to say the least. We need more of his ilk performing and overseeing the reconstruction efforts along the Gulf Coast and less hand wringing and pontificating on Capitol Hill.

Not that I do not think there should be a level of accountability. There should be! (We are talking about people and bureaucacy and the government, for heaven's sake.) But this media fanned pseudo panic over every little (and big) thing is ridiculous! For every cheap political point scored, there are opportunities wasted to really help those who need help. It is silly to think that if there are just enough meetings held and predictions made and a Catastrophe Czar named to head up this new expanse of bureaucracy that there will be no mistakes made. There are going to be screw-ups. We're only human. And it is the govenrment.

And (while I am on my soapbox), would it be too much to ask that those of us relatively unaffected by the destruction just take a minute, calm down and be thankful? Thankful that we have not lost our homes, our lively hood or a loved one. Thankful that while we may take a hit in the wallet, others are having to completely start their lives over again. We are blessed. Let's remember that.

I guess what I am saying is that providing endless examination and criticism is the cheap and easy thing to do. It is time for the hard work of rebuilding to begin. Oh, and before we get too complacent about it all, remember that there remains two more months of Hurricane Season. It's time to cowboy up. We may not be done yet.