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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lots to do...

...and none of it is very fun.

Many in Wisconsin focus on hunting season. For me, the fall brings a completely different sort of season. This is the opening week of "To Do" season.

No excuses -- the kids are in school, the weather is good, no company is on the horizon, the Holidays are months away..... Now is the time to GET STUFF DONE! You know, the extra stuff! The painting. The projects. The organizing. Stuff! Which is not to say that all of your normal "stuff" goes on hiatus. Oh No.

So, in the spirit of "getting stuff done" I started a load of laundry and began compiling my LIST.(A key piece of equipment to get you through "To Do" season). My list looks something like this:

[] Old English Dining Room Furniture
[] Mop and Oil DR floor
[] Groom dogs
[] Steam Clean LR carpet
[] Steam Clean MBR carpet
[] Steam Clean upstairs
[] Prime little bathroom and paint insides of cabinets
[] Prime back hallway
[] Paint little bathroom
[] Paint back hallway
[] Prep little house/craft room for Christmas crafts
[] Re-Organize closet of doom (Doom! I tell you...)
[] Pictures -- organize and label. Put into albums. Fill new collage frames.
(This, BTW, hasn't happened since I was pregnant with A.)
[] Fill in the blank____________. (You know there is more to add....)

Of course the usual stuff needs done too. Today, for example, is ironing day. (Hubby wears a starched white shirt every day for work). Oh joy.

Is is any wonder that I feel more like doing something like this??

And is it just me or does "To Do" season happen to everyone? Hello? ..........Anyone?

**crickets** **crickets** **crickets**

Oh all right -- enough procrastinating. I'm off..........