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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last Day of Summer

........and it is going to be sunny and 85!

You know, that *never* happens. Summer never makes it all the way to the end only to be instantly replaced by "fall" on the first day of Fall. Never. Happens. But it is happening here, this year. Tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy with a high of 72. Boom. Fall. Just like that.

I like it -- having the seasons just snap into place appeals to my love of planning and lists and schedules. Wouldn't it be neat if this year we could apply the same principles to Winter and Spring? I know that here in WI having a hard date for Winter's end would be most appreciated. For most of us anyway.

Also today, my oldest turns 9. NINE!! Holy crap! She is a full fledged kid now! She announced this morning that she was definitely feeling "much more mature" (her words, btw). Both girls have not just been wanting to cut the apron strings lately -- they have been hacking at them with a machete.

"When can we walk to school by ourselves?" "When can we ride our bikes to Arndt's without you?" "Why can't we just go to the park and meet our friends?"

**Sigh** I am on the cusp of becoming obsolete -- I can feel it! Or at the very least my list of job duties is about to change. (Again.) That's the thing, though -- just when I get really comfortable all of the rules change and I have to learn a new way to play the game. How much leeway do you give and when? How much responsibility? It's a fine line to walk, and it's scary when you think about how they could fall off the line and get hurt.

And I don't know if it just me or if this happens to everyone here but for someone who has never really had to deal with allergies (with the exception of my allergy to Schnapps -- a story for another day) something is polinating or going to seed around here that is kicking my a$$! Seriously! How much Claritin can I take, I wonder.......

Otherwise, we are having a beautiful last day of summer. Hope you are too....