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Friday, September 23, 2005


...and I am about to be overrun.

Well 'tis Friday. And all of the peace and quiet is about to be driven from my house. (In a happy way though). Eldest daughter is having her first sleepover ever and I am as prepared as I can be. And I just took some Advil to be ahead of the game. Whoohoo!

Hubby called, and once again Mr. Obvious hit one out of the park:

Him: "Hi! So, so and so wanted to get together tonight and go over some business stuff. I would be pretty late getting home -- did we have anything going on tonight?"

Me (snarkily): "No, nothing. Unless you count the fact that your Grandmother is in town visiting and your daughter is having her first sleepover/birthday party....."

Him: "Oh, you wanted me home for that?"

Me: ***sigh***

Him: "Honey -- Saturday is our anniversary......"

Me: "Yes."

Him: "Um.... Well, am I supposed to get you anything? You haven't given me any money...."

Me: **sigh**

God knows I love that man........ Now for the record, he took me on a nice vacation last year for our tenth. (The only downside was being in Orlando during Hurricane Jeanne -- seen through the light of this years hurricane woes no big deal). And I told him that he was all good as far as giftage this year was concerned. He cracks me up sometimes, though.