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Monday, April 04, 2005

Lots of Company

Yeah, company. My in-laws were here for the weekend. Father- in-law flies out this morning, mother- in -law is here for the remainder of the week. The girls and I will be taking her to her daughter’s house in Horicon on Friday—a trip that I am NOT looking forward to but that is another post.

Company. So for years I thought that everybody had company all of the time just like we do. Upon further investigation, however, I have discovered that nooooooooo – it’s just us. How much company? A lot. It is rare for us to not have guests from out of town staying with us any given month. I should probably mention that my house is only 1450 square feet and has 3 bedrooms (1 bedroom is also our home office and has a sleeper sofa).

Thanksgiving? Hubby’s grandmother was here for 10 days.

Christmas/New Year? My parents were here for 2 ½ weeks and my brother and his family came for 5 days right in the middle.

February? My friend Stephanie was here for a week—we watched the Oscars.

March? Well, the afore mentioned visit by my in-laws took care of March and the first part of April and my friend Mac is planning an escape from her family and will be here the last weekend of this month. Also, some friends from Tennessee will be here the weekend of the 14th for a wedding in Madison. It is so far unclear which nights they will be staying with us but I expect one if not two.

May? My parents are to arrive for another 2 ½ week visit at the end of may through the first week in June. Hubby’s grandmother is slated for another weeks visit in June as well.

July and August are as yet open but I am sure that you can see a pattern here. We have company. Lots and lots of it. Funny too, when I talk to some of our frequent guests they will often say things like, “Wow! So and so was staying with you for an awfully long time!” and I am thinking to myself, “Ummmm, last time you were here you stayed for the same amount of time….” Sheesh people!! I have no idea why we have so many visitors. I used to think it was because I had cornered the market on Grandchildren. But now others have procreated and we are still faced with an ever increasing amount of company. Do you think that this is just God’s way of suggesting I buy a bigger house? Something to consider – after all Christmas is right around the corner!