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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What's In A Name?

So yesterday while I was on the field trip with A's class there was a little boy that you just couldn't help but notice. Over active, (even for a 7 year old), disruptive, Unable or unwilling to follow directions, basically a little pain in the butt. The. Whole. Time.

His name was Wrage. That's right, Wrage . Pronounced just like *rage*.

Now, having an unusual name myself, I can understand and empathise (even sympathize) with others that have unusual names but this is not a name like Rock or Phinneas or Apple or Love. This is Wrage!!! Not a positive emotion IMO. What are his parents thinking? It can't possibly be a "family" name! How in the world is this kid supposed to succeed with this name unless he becomes a WWF wrestler??? Yes, yes I know. There's nothing wrong with being a WWF wrestler but why commit your son from the cradle? What mother looks down at her infant son and thinks "Rage.... hmmmmmm yes, Rage would be a perfect name for this little angel -- but we had better add a W so people know that it is his name and not a description." What grandparents would agree? "Oh yes, we see, Wrage. Perfect. We can't have the little guy wanting to be a nice kid.............better pile on some negative connotations with every first impression he makes." Or maybe this is a new trend and we will start seeing other kids with names like Dystain, Pitee, and Spyte since arbitrary spelling changes seem mandatory. It's hard enough growing up these days without saddling kids with names better suited for the WTF file.

And this from a girl named Rich.