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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bits and Bobs

So I am half way through with the dessert portion of the party prep. Egg shaped brownies, Vanilla cakes, and jello jigglers. (Read the instructions for the jigglers wrong and had to make a *new* flavor though--strawberry/lemon). Got my layout on the front porch mostly put together--I am hoping to do all of my food and bev service from there rather than have everyone crowd into the dining room. ('Cuz then they all usually STAY there!)

Slept until 5am--that is an improvement. I am in a much better humor today as a result. A nice thing about Spring Break is leisurely bathing where the kids are concerned. Got A all showered and K is in now. No rushing around before bed time!

Last night on the news it was all Terri Schiavo and her family. Protesters, media, lawyers, people in costumes--the whole nine yards. I thought it was absolutely ghoulish. My Hubby just had to watch. I had had enough already! Cameras all pointed at the family--just *waiting* for the announcement of Terri's death. GHOULS! And now Gov. Jeb Bush is petitioning for Terri's custody. WTF????? *sigh* All I can do is pray that she goes quickly and that this circus ends at last.

That's it for me for a while. Maybe later I'll post the party menu just so I'll remember how I spent my Spring Break. Ta!