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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Super Star and a Soccer Star

All in one weekend. Gotta love it.

On Friday, Computa was recognized at a luncheon at school for being a "Super Star" student. With emphasis on the fact that she is a very conscientious and polite child.

I already knew that about her.

And though I usually shun these touchy feely attempts to raise kids "self esteem" or whatever, I must say that it was quite nice. And the kids were visibly more than pleased to be there with their parents, basking in the praise.

Whoohoo Computa! It is always gratifying as a parent to discover that your child is behaving appropriately even when you're not looking. Maybe there is something to this touchy feely stuff...

Yesterday was spent shuttling back and forth to the soccer field - a place we will be spending some time in coming years I am sure. Sporta ended the season in style... (Click the pics to embiggen if you feel so inclined...)

Give it a ride, Sis! Goal!!!!

All in all it's been a GREAT weekend. And we have one more day to go...