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Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Bad Example!!

It's time again to wish the Blogfather himself a very Happy Birthday!! So...

Happy Birthday Harvey!!

Here is your present! I am thinking it's around an E cup...

Since he was so very kind to make a specific gift request...

My birthday is September 14th. I'll be turning 41.

On Friday, I will have a post up that you can link to to help me celebrate.

This year's theme... Boobs.

Specifically adult human female breasts.

It made *my* job easier. After all, he didn't specify what the adult human female breasts should be made of. (It's chocolate cake, btw. Yummy!) And because he lives relatively nearby, I was able to hand deliver his mamarian gift. I hope it tasted as good as it looked...

So again, Happy Birthday Harvey! TNT is a very lucky lady and you are well loved. :^) I wish you a fabulous 41st year and many more happy birthdays to come!!

And I must give a Hat Tip to my MIL who unknowingly provided me with the means to make such a boobalicious confection. Thanks Loretta!