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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Where would we be without them?? They help us get through the tough times, make us laugh, remind us that we are not alone, and on occasion let us know when we are totally screwing up!

Case in point. While visiting with the illustrious Tammi yesterday afternoon and explaining that we will be showing the house again because dude who's offer we accepted seems unwilling to move forward with the freeking deal (he has yet to produce earnest money, proof of financing, etc...). Gah!

Tammi: "Darlin' - you haven't been praying for patience, have you?"

"Well yeah - why wouldn't I?? I need all of the patience I can get - don'tcha think?"

"OH NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!! You NEVER pray for patience!!! That's just asking the Lord to test you over and over and over again until you learn patience."

"Oh shit."

"Right! You stop that praying for patience right now! You only want to pray for Peace, Wisdom and Joy...."

"Got it. Peace Wisdom and Joy. Crap - I can't believe I have been sabotaging myself this entire time! I thought praying for patience was like praying for Serenity..."

"Serenity is Peace, Honey."

So see? Where would we be without girlfriends. No more prayers for patience for me!!

Prayers for some speedy cleaning and mad organizational skillz, maybe. I got eight hours to get this place "show ready" once again.