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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Breaking News!

The shooter at Virginia Tech was mentally unstable!


Can we get a collective "No shit, Sherlock!"

Hey television media dipshits - yes, I am talking to all of you. Especially NBC. How about this - stop glorifying this evil crazy SOB that did this and get his damn smirking evil crazy face off my TV. Now.

I mean it.

Stop mentally masturbating all of the shouldda, wouldda, coulddas that might have been. Nobody had a crystal ball here. The "blame" rests at the feet of the shooter, you morons. Stop besmirching the memories of the victims by trying to push whatever agenda you've got going.

Hey gun control advocates - Guess what?!?! The VA Tech campus was a "gun free zone." Doesn't that phrase just make your little hearts go pitty-pat?? Too bad the evil crazy mo-fo's of the world don't like to play by the rules. Did you notice?

Shut up already about strengthening gun control laws - do the f*ckin' math. THEY DON'T WORK.

And speaking of guns, for your information this is *not* the Biggest School Massacre Ever - THIS was.

1927. Bath Township, Michigan. Can you say Bomb?

Crazy dude was upset about his property taxes.

School violence was *not* born at Columbine. Deal with it. Since Og and Urg were fighting over who had the best cave - crazy and evil people have walked the earth. Wreaking havoc amongst the law abiding and peaceful.

That's just the way it is.

Now get that Evil Crazy Bastard off of my TV. And leave my guns alone. I plan to be in charge of my *own* personal safety thankyouverymuch. As best I can...

Do something constructive - pray for the victims of this senseless murderous spree. Stop glorifying the murderer. Try to think of something you can do to HELP in lieu of finding someone new to interview about what could have been done, what you think should have happened. It's over.

Except for the families who lost a loved one. For them it will never be over.

You should remember that.