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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Carnival of the Recipes #83

Whoohoo! No better way for me to celebrate my first year blogging than to host a carnival! I love a good party!

And it looks like we have some inspired yummy to be passed around the table today! Some things I have heard of like Molten Chocolate Cake (I had one once at Morton's a bajillion years ago - fabulous!) and some things I have not, like Pikelets.

A culinary adventure is waiting to be had! So let's get started.....

First up, SALADS:

From A Weight Lifted we have a healthy and yummy sounding Curry Chicken Salad if it tastes even half as yummy as the picture looks, eating healthy has never been so good!

Next, some delicious MAIN DISHES were submitted:

For days when Spring seems still so far away, we have Chili Van Horn to try. Formerly a secret recipe, I am ever so glad that Gus Van Horn has decided to share. (And the secret ingredient? Dill! I am soooo going to have to make this...)

Celebrating his Irish ancestry, Irish American Railroad Builder Stew was submitted by Brian at Memento Moron (renamed in honor of St. Patrick's Day - Mement O'Moron). Sounds hearty and fabulous and calls for (an old west staple) buffalo instead of the traditional lamb...

Kevin at Technography offers up a relatively Lenten friendly meal with Noodles and Farmer's Cheese . Sounds simple, quick and delicious.

Technically breakfast but good anytime, my recipe this week is for Eggs Benedict Wyoming Style. It's the wild asparagus and hollandaise sauce that makes it fabulous.

Tritacle -- the Wheat/Rye Guy offers an interesting alternative to tuna casserole with Tuna Cobbler. I never would have associated tuna with a cobbler until now -- their shoes must be so slippery...

For post St. Patricks Day cooking The Glittering Eye says we should "Make hash of it!" and offers up two great recipes. One for Corned Beef Hash as well as a recipe for Vegetable Hash. Hash-a-licious!

Well on its way to main dish-hood is this recipe for Drunken Queen's Pasta Sauce submitted by Cookie from Cooking Capers (originally inspired by a recipe posted by The Queen of all Evil). Sounds absolutely delish.

To go with your main dish we had one BREAD recipe submitted...

From Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea we have a traditional recipe for Irish Soda Bread. Yummy! I love recipes that are just jotted on a slip of paper and covered with heaven knows what from the kitchen. They're always the best ones...

Spring is on the way, bring on the VEGGIES!

And this Corn Pudding sounds like a real crowd pleaser! Kim from Life in a Shoe is the creator of this recipe, and says that it's a favorite of her 7 kids.... Now I just have to find out where she finds the time to cook! Wow!

From Kevin at Seriously Good we have a recipe for Roasted Rutabaga. I must admit, I have never tried rutabaga before. But Kevin says, "Try It, You'll Like It..." And it looks wonderful.

And we can't finish without DESSERT!

ArmyWifeToddlerMom has made sure that we can really enjoy our Irish heritage! She has two fabulous recipes this week, one for Guinness Ice Cream and one for Chocolate Guinness Brownies. And I never thought I would want to do anything with Guinness other than drink it!

This weeks submission from Mensa Barbie looks like heaven on a plate! She brings to the table a French Vanilla Croissant. Fresh croissants filled with decadence... Perfect.

Keewee from Keewee's Corner shares with us a family recipe for Pikelets. Small and simple they look like just the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea. A very decadent tea, at that...

In the Headlights brings a recipe for Molten Chocolate Cake. Holy cow! This looks so wonderful you can't help but make a little "oh yummy" noise when you see it. Mmmmmm....

Cookie from Cooking Capers has a unique recipe this week that she says is good anywhere, anytime. Maria's Fried Ricotta Puffs. Deep fried cheesy dessert? Oh yeah....

And more puffy goodness comes this week from Alicat who writes at Something So Clever with her recipe for Cream Puffs & Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream. Perfection in its simplicity. Yum!

Update: Next week's carnival will be hosted at Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea. Submissions are due by Saturday, March 25th noon central time and can be emailed to recipe (dot) carnival (at) gmail (dot) com or you can use the Carnival submission form found at The Conservative Cat. Thank you to all who submitted yummy recipes this week!