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Monday, January 09, 2006

Fritz Fest '06

Note to self.... blog meets are fun!

You know, I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, I have read about other blog meets (and had been invited to one I couldn't attend) but you never know until you get there just what it is going to be like. All I can say, it that it's great. Really.

Once I got to Fritz's Wooden Nickel, it was all good. I only got sorta lost one time on the way (which is a miracle for me and an absolute testament to T1G's directions and yahoo maps) and once in the door I have to say that everybody was extremely welcoming.

Right away, people started coming up and introducing themselves. I got to meet...

Contagion from Miasmatic Review and his most lovely wife Ktreva. Lemmee tell you, Contagion (especially while wearing a traditional Kilt) is SHY*. Painfully, totally SHY*. I have no idea how he manages to survive in society at all! You can just tell that being around people pains him completely. I feel totally honored that he *almost* made eye-contact with me.... Poor guy....

His lovely wife Ktreva, however, really put me at ease. She was so very kind and chatty and welcoming. Being around her is like discovering a really warm sunny spot. Such a nice thing to find when you have "stepped out of your box" and are trying to figure out your place and somebody draws you up a chair. Great lady.

I met That 1 Guy, of course. I picked him out of the crowd right away. And I can definitely say that he is a wonderful host. Not only did he gather a terrific group of people together, he knew just how to "ring the bell" and get us all on the same page in short order. Drunken Wisdom? Yes, and a gentleman of the highest caliber.

I finally got to meet Tammi, from Tammi's World. She was having a great time chatting folks up and she and Teresa told story after great story during dinner. Tammi's a great sport, and it shows.

Teresa from Technicalities is just soooo nice and personable. It was really great to finally have the opportunity to visit with her. She has always been so kind and helpful in her comments here and she is just as charming in person.

Then there was TalulaZephyr from Love and Koolaid Stains. I didn't get to visit with her much but I can tell you she has a great smile and an infectious laugh to go with her sharp wit.

And there were The Freedom Folks. Nice, nice people. I didn't get to visit with the husband (jakejacobsen) as much but I did spend some time chatting with his wife (thebaldchick). Turns out that she and *my* husband attended rival high schools in England of all places. Just shows what a small world we live in.

I spoke at some length to Leslie of Leslie's Omnibus -- super nice lady with definite opinions. Oh, and she is even more witty and funny in person than on her blog. I also got to meet Buckaroo Bonsai. They are quite a pair.

I briefly met Og from Neanderpundit and got to spend a bit more time visiting with Graumagus of Frizzensparks. The bits of conversation I managed to get in just made me hope to have another chance to visit with both of these gentlemen in the future. Grau mentioned something about having been as a**hole of late, but I don't believe him. I found him to be very sweet.

I was able to meet Blake from The Laughing Wolf and his descriptions of the goings on at Wolf Park made me want to make the trek down to see these majestic animals even more. He is a great storyteller. How many people do you know that have been "goosed" by a wolf? Exactly.

I also got to meet Sarah, Harvey's formerly "blogless" niece who writes at That's Not Very Nice. She was really personable and funny. And even offered up a post buffet dessert solution, "Hey, you want me to get you some packets of butter and sugar?" Hilarious!

Of course, there is always one "foot in mouth" moment, isn't there? For me, naturally it had to be when I introduced myself to Matt, aka Blackfive. His was one of the first blogs I read daily and I have been a regular reader for 2+ years. He has dome some really amazing things and brought such a positive spotlight onto America's service members.

Anyway, I said something about his being famous and after some serious eye-rolling between he and Harvey, he politely excused himself. Ah well. He did say that the MilBlogging book was coming along well. I will be looking forward to seeing the end product -- given his writing and vast MilBlog connections I know that it is going to a great book. It was terrific to meet him.

Last but not least, I finally got the chance to meet Harvey of Bad Example fame and his lovely wife TNT who writes at Smiling Dynamite. Those two were both sooo nice and not surprisingly, great to visit with. They truly compliment each other.

At any rate, Harvey is the reason that I have a blog at all, thanks to his handy dandy series of How To Blog and Blogging Tips posts that gave me the tools. His blog is another one of those daily stops that I have been reading for ages and it was ever so nice to actually get to meet him and say so. Thanks again, Harvey!

So that's about it. I had a wonderful time. I can't recommend Fritz's Wooden Nickel enough -- the staff, food and atmosphere were top rate. ('Course the atmosphere may have had something to do with the people that were there yesterday.....) I can see why T1G chose that particular location. It's a bit off the beaten path, but well worth your time.

Also I need to say a big Thank You to the "Anonymous Benefactors" (as the bartender referred to them) who picked up the bar tab. Thank you very much.

And another big Thank You to That 1 Guy for putting the whole thing together. It was a great party -- I only wish I could have stayed longer.

**And if Contagion is shy? I'm a two headed pygmy. He was extremely entertaining to be around though, and I learned lots of quilt ahem, I mean Kilt etiquette....