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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What's your name???

Conversation while shopping....

Sales person: "Well, your total comes to $65.98. Will you be paying for that using your [insert store name here] card?"

Me: "No." ::smiling and handing over *another* card::

Sales person: Looking at card. "Ummmm..."

Me: "Yes?"

Sales person: "You can't use this card!"

Me: "Why not?"

Sales person: "It's not your card!"

Me: "Yes, it is...."

Sales person: "Your name is Richmond ______." ::incredulous look::

Me: "Yes." ::holding out ID::

Sales person: "Your first name is Richmond?!?!

Me: "Yes."

Sales person: "Well.... what do they call you?"

Me: "Richmond. My kids call me Mom...." ::signs slip::

Sales person: "Huh, no kidding....." ::another incredulous look::

Me: "And yes, my parents love me very much.... Merry Christmas!" ::turns to leave::

Sales person: "You too! Maybe Santa will bring you your voice back!"

These people crack me up! And Good or bad, there are other people that have it tougher than me name wise.....