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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nice Things About Kids Getting Older

....because I want to focus on something nice right now. And I like to write lists.....

As your kids get older:

They become increasingly easier to hug -- and you can hug them without having to also pick them up. (Though I kind of like the pick up and hug option...)

They stop saying "Mommy... Mommy... Mommy... Mommy... Mommy... Mommy." like it's a whole sentence.

They can wash their own hair.

They can remember what they need in their backpack for school.

They bring you appropriately picked flowers (ie. not stolen from the neighbors garden).

They know when they are going to throw up (trust me, that's nice).

They can play together outside without you being 2 feet away at all times (and they still invite you to play sometimes).

They know how to cross the street safely without you having to say anything -- and they do.

You can logically explain why some things are the way they are and they understand you. (The "yeah, but WHY??" goes away....)

Screams usually have a legitimate reason behind them -- they are not just a way to punctuate a sentence.

When they "help" with household chores it actually helps.

You actually look forward to seeing some of the movies that they want to see.

An "I love you" combined with a hug still makes them feel better -- and sometimes they can return the favor.

Okay, that's a good start. Feel free to add your own if you feel so inclined.... :)