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Friday, September 16, 2005

That Pesky Inner Voice

Hey! What are you doing sitting there? You have stuff to do!

Well, I....uh....thought I would take a break and read some blogs..... I have plenty of time, you know.

Time! You don't have any freekin' time! It's almost time to go and get the girls and you have things that you need to get done! Grandma gets here tomorrow, remember?

It will be fine. I can get the rest done tonight!

Oh riiiight. I've heard that before. Who are you trying to kid?

Jeez! Would you get off of my back! I just want to enjoy my last little bit of quiet!


Hey, what did you call me?

You heard me -- Slacker. Slacker. Slacker!!

Shut up! I'm not going to listen to you insult me! ::plugs ears::

Hey Dummy -- I'm in your head, remember? Plugging your ears won't work! Just get to work and I'll shut up!

%$&#$&! Conscience. P*sses me off. Hey! Stop pushing already -- I'm going.......... :P

Two points for the conscience -- swish!

Hey, I heard that! %$&#$&! Conscience!