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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Little Blue Flowers

So this morning after dropping off the girls, I stayed in the parking lot for an extra couple of minutes and watched the playground scene come to life. Kids in jackets for the first time this year milling around and playing, reconnecting with friends from yesterday and having a quick run in the newly fallish crisp morning air. A minivan pulled up next to me (complete with the soccerball decal on the rear quarter-panel) and two more kids -- a boy and a girl were dropped off for school.

The girl looked down and spied a lonesome tuft of blue flowers by the curb. She immediately picked one and held it up and out toward her Mom who backed the vehicle away and left without another look.

The boy looked down that the remaining flowers and proceeded to stomp on them before turning and jogging toward the building.

The girl tucked the little flower into her pocket, chased after her brother and they smiled and pushed and teased eachother the until they parted ways and found their friends.

For some reason, it made me sad. Huh.