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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Company's Coming!

Funny, I just mentioned to Hubby the other day that it was interesting that we hadn't had any company for awhile, for us that's odd.

Note to self -- the universe is listening. Hubby's Grandmother called last night and announced that she was ready for a visit. Could we please find and book her a flight for Saturday.
"This Saturday?" I asked. "That's the one!" Says she.

So the flight's been booked and I have three days to prepare. She sounds so excited! The girls will be over the moon -- they just love spending time with her and loving her up.

'Course now when they all cuddle up in a chair together you can barely even see the G.G. under all of the little girl parts. See what I mean?

I think we have a picture just like this one taken every time she has come to visit since the girls' were born. You used to see a whole lot more of Grandma when they were little.....

We are definitely in for a good time. :)