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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I hate to say it....Well not really

So insomnia struck (I have been awake since 3am up since 3:45) and so I decided to entertain myself around the blogosphere for a while. After completing my rounds of AI bloggers -- And I think that Nadia's mohawk last night was horrible--go back to the big afro PLEASE -- it seemed like most of the buzz was either about Terri Schaivo or the kid that shot up the school in MN. Can I say it now? Though I feel for her family and I think that starvation/dehydration is probably cruel I don't really care. It is none of my business. I have a living will so that this kind of thing is not a problem for me or my family and I wish that everybody would stop treating this like it is the biggest news story in history! Get a grip folks! People die--it happens every day. It can be tragic, sudden, a relief, whatever but if it is not someone that you know or at least a friend of a friend it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! Tip your hat, say a prayer, and move on! *sigh* And as for the kid in MN -- c'mon! He was not a "victim" any more than any *other* teenager. He was a disturbed individual and bacame a killer. That's it! And please can they refrain from draging out all of the Columbine stuff? Over and over and over again?

Some other *news* items that I am apparently supposed to be interested in: Michael Jackson (don't care), Scott Peterson (don't care), swearing by congressmen (WTF? Don't care [h/t neo-neocon]). It seems though, that MJ, SP, and Terri Schiavo are taking up most of the air time and print space and I DON'T CARE.

Man, will I be ever so much happier when there is something else to report on. Sheesh! I'm going back to bed.............